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  1. Nevyn72

    6K opengate APC-mode in new firmware

    There seams to be a new hidden feature in the new firmware, although I do wonder if it really has a benefit over 4K because of the resolution in the sensor and the crop: What do you think about this 'hidden feature', is it something or perhaps just a bug? Mod edit to show the video directly...
  2. I

    Photography with disabilities and Lumix S

    To make a long story short, I have ulnar nerve damage that results in arm, wrist, and hand pain, Degenerative Disk Disease in my spinal lumbar, and fibromyalgia. This has resulted in my absence from regular photo shoots for several years due to chronic pain and limited mobility, but I miss it...
  3. A

    S5II Excessive Image processing with Standard Profiles

    I currently do not own the S5II, but I do have the S5IIX on preorder. I also own the S5. I have seen a couple users mention the S5II standard type profiles (not Vlog) have excessive image processing for NR and lose fine details that the original S5 did not suffer. Here's an example from one...