About Us

We are photo enthusiasts who have photography as a hobby since more than 25 years. For us, it is a passion!

We are fans of the Sigma Foveon sensor since the inception of the Sigma SD 14 and love at the same time many Panasonic MFT cameras like the GM5 and GX80/85 and G9 and how they invented the best technolgy available at that time in an affordable package.

Latest with the Panasonic Lumix S5 everybody can see, what Panasonic is able to do also for fullframe in a compact way.

The introduction of Sigma’s new “i”-series for the L-Mount pushed the whole L-Mount system to a totally new compact level, while still maintaining the high image quality. Even the material of the Sigma i-series and the aperture ring on these lenses speaks for itself.

This all prooves that this new L-MOUNT partnership offers great new choices for all of us. No matter what you prefer, you will find the right mix with this new “L-MOUNT Alliance”. For every size, every image quality and every budget.

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