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There are exciting times ahead! Thanks to the partnership between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma, we will have in 2019 abroader fullframe mirrorless system with many lenses and bodies from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.

Panasonic will present the Lumix S1R and S1S fullframe camera with L-MOUNT probably end of January 2019. Panasonic lenses will come too.

Additionally, Sigma made clear that they are planning to launch in 2019 a camera with a fullframe Foveon sensor with L-MOUNT.

Sigma will also offer in 2019 at least 14 of its fullframe lenses with native L-MOUNT.

More details in the forum. We have been at the press events and talked to the companies. We update you about the details and what to expect in the forum. Feel free to aks questions there.