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Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 Auto Telephoto Close Focusing


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I linked to this article in the vintage thread, but thought I should make a top-level post to catch more attention. Because this Vivitar lens is quite exceptional. Over many years I've used this Vivitar 135mm on Pentax APS-C, Micro Four Thirds, and now Lumix S cameras. Check out the blog article, which contains links back to several other reports. Here are some additional images.

The fairground was shot near infinity. This demonstrates the resolving power at f/8.

fairground [P18821] Vivitar Close Focusing 135 (Large).jpg

From memory, these leaves were shot at 1:4 magnification. The bokeh this lens produces is beyond reproach.

leaves [P18752] Vivitar Close Focusing 135 (Large).jpg

Both images have obviously been processed form the Lumix S5 Raw file. Any noise present I added in post, since I prefer some texture.

The lens with this camera are an amazing combination, though rather heavy for my liking.