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Vivid Sydney 2023


Every year the Sydney City Council puts on an event named Vivid where a number of precincts and pieces of infrastructure around the city are lit up with colourful lights.

One of the camera store chains in Sydney runs harbour cruises during Vivid with each cruise sponsored by a major camera brand. I bought tickets for the Panasonic cruise which was on tonight (Friday 9th June). There were a number of Panasonic reps on board with gear that was available to try during the cruise (all S5II bodies and S-series lenses).

Here are a few photos taken with my S5. I'm generally a daylight shooter so this was a new experience for me and also a bit tricky shooting from a rocking boat.

The first three were taken using the Sigma 35mm f2 and the fourth shot was with the Lumix 50mm f1.8.

Vivid Sydney 2023 by Peter Watters, on Flickr

Vivid Sydney 2023 by Peter Watters, on Flickr

Vivid Sydney 2023 by Peter Watters, on Flickr

Vivid Sydney 2023 by Peter Watters, on Flickr
Very cool set of photos Pete!
Sounds like a fun cruise. Was Aaron from Panasonic there?
It's been quite a few years since I last visit Sydney. Actually the last time I went to Sydney could even be the G9 launch event or maybe Nikon d850 as they were like only a month apart

I always want to checkout Vivid Sydney! It looks amazing and really fun. Thanks for sharing the photos
Thanks Richard!

Yes, it was fun. It's the first time I've been to one of these events. I spoke to a few of the Panasonic reps but didn't get any names so I am not sure if Aaron was there. The Panasonic people were all very friendly and helpful, as were the DigiDirect team.

I got to have a play with the S5II towards the end of the cruise. It basically felt identical to my S5 in my hands which is great. The improved EVF is very nice and the face tracking in AFC looked impressive when I pointed the camera toward groups of people.

I think you would absolutely love Vivid. There are lots of people out to see it so there is a nice vibe in the city.

It runs for another week so I hope to get the opportunity to walk around on foot as there as some amazing areas. The clock tower and main building at Central Station have an amazing colour image projection that tells a story. It completely transforms the building. I will try to get some video of this if I go back in but will need to take a tripod.