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Splash-proof (er, drip-proof?) SSD idea


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As we know, the Panasonic Lumix S5iiX camera is "splash proof" (YMMV). However, an external SSD drive for use with the camera is NOT splash/water/rain resistant. Neither is its USB-C cable, nor the USB-C port on the side of the camera. If even a tiny amount of water gets into your SSD drive, or into the camera's USB-C port, very bad things are likely to happen.

I posted a couple of photos showing an inexpensive idea to address this issue using disposable, clear plastic, ELASTIC covers intended for use as temporary covers for a bowl/dish of food leftovers. They’re available in a variety of sizes (diameters), and will help keep occasional rain drops from destroying expensive SSDs & cameras.

Note the small binder clip helps keep water running down the cable from getting into the USB-C port.

Probably not “downpour proof”, and definitely not “water proof”, but cheap insurance against fog, mist, drips and maybe a splash. Extremely lightweight, easy to “install” & remove, and easy to pack (they require zero space in a camera bag or pocket).

Other add-on devices such as the Panasonic DMW-XLR1 mic/audio adapter for the S5iiX is also NOT splash/water/rain resistant, and neither are XLR connectors, wireless mic receivers, cables, etc. Likewise, the camera's HDMI port and mic & headphone connectors. These plastic covers can protect various gear from occasional rain drops.

An alternative is to enclose the entire camera and any attached accessories in a "waterproof" sealed plastic bag designed for use with camera gear. These vary in cost, and can make using the camera somewhat (or very) awkward, but offer greatly increased protection. Beyond that, there are available much more expensive rigid underwater housings. Enjoy your research!