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Sigma L mount lenses - are they compatible with Panasonic DMW-STC14 and STC20 Lumix S Teleconverters?


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Has anyone used Sigma lenses successfully with Lumix teleconverters ?

The L body I have is an S1R , so when I sold the combo : LUMIX 70-200/4 pro plus DMW-STC20 Lumix S 2.0x I decided to keep the Panasonic DMW-STC14 Lumix S 1.4x Teleconverter

Now I’m thinking to buy the macro Sigma 105mm/2.8 Art for L mount and use it also with the DMW-STC14 Lumix for more reach and magnification.

According to Sigma firmware page the 105mm/2.8 lens is compatible with both Sigma’s teleconverters and also with an update to v1.2 firmware to Leica Extender L 1.4x by Leica Camera AG, but nowhere mention anything about Lumix TC’s

any experience in the past from anyone used successfully LUMIX TC’s with a Sigma lens compatible with sigma TC’s (100-400, 70-200…etc) will be encouraging
The Lumix converters are working with Sigma lenses and vice versa. But with the exception that exif data won't get corrected for the converter. So it shows the focal length and aperture of the lens without 1.4x extension factor applied.
Thanks for the info ,

if the camera can’t read the right focal length with the TC that will affect ibis also
I can confirm that Sigma and Pana 2x are fitting in the TC enables lenses of both manufacturers.
I have both 2x TCs.
I do not know why, but the Pana one has an additional electronic contact. For me it is unclear for what...
The test I did were with my S1R + Pana 70-200 f2.8 but this is longer ago. But I remember in one combination the apparture values without TC were displayed and maybe the zoom range with the other. (With this I an not sure)
Nevertheless, for the wrong apparture information this will not affect the IBIS but perhaps the build in image correction.

I it is interesting I can look up the results from back then.
Since then I also got a Sigma FP so I may do a cross check if the 'wrong exif' issue is exclusive to Pana cameras
if you can test it again or see the results from past it will be perfect

I‘m spesific interesting for the combination of a sigma lens with the LUMIX TC not the opposite and better test it on a LUMIX body

of course any other combinations will be very helpful for others because there is no detailed information on the internet