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Sigma colour presets available on linux?

Hello, do you use Linux? I would like to use the nice color presets of Sigma also for RAW images.

I only use Linux to edit my images, I use Darktable as Raw converter and Digikam for sorting. Sigma only offers their PhotoPro software for Windows/Mac users, but there is no alternative for Linux users. Does anyone use a Sigma camera and only have Linux?

Linux does offer Wine to run Windows programs on Linux, but PhotoPro does not support that in the newer versions.

For me, the solutions would be as follows:

- Run a Windows virtual machine for converting :(

- I tried to make my own presets for darktable that look like the Sigma presets, but I'm not so good at darktable that I can do that....

- There are presets to download from darktable users, but there are not as good as the ones from sigma

- Now I shot in DNG + JPEG and if the JPEG is sufficient, I use it and delete the RAW.

If I would be able to create these presets myself, I would do that and offer them for download for all.

Greetings from Austria!
A sigma camera and Linux as your main OS. That’s certainly a unique setup. I’ve always wanted to main Linux, unfortunately application compatibility problems like this have kept me on windows. Although Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is pretty good, I’ve managed to run flask apps inside of it. It’s not quite the same as having a purely Linux machine but it’s a method that gives me full native compatibility for windows applications and access to an Ubuntu environment fairly seamlessly. The two systems can even share files locally.
I have the same setup.

Linux only since 2002 + Sigma FP, Digikam + DT.
The Sigma Presets are beautiful, I liked more then the presents of my S1R or fomer Olympus EM-1.

In regards the Sigma Presets I am happy with the camera JPEG. I was fully convinced by the new workflow of Darktable plus the film-like approach the filmic module offers. Therefore I did not miss the presents.
I am not the expert, but so far I also never saw a converter which for example can convert Photoshop presents to something else (e.g. Affinity photo). So I doubt there will be ever a way to have these in Darktable.
Only stuff you could exchange between this software are LUTs I guess.

But if you discover a solution, let me know!