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Sigma 105 f2.8 Sample Images


No editing or just selecting film simulation in DxO. Cropping is more or less limited to change aspect ration.
One of the sharpest lens for L-mount, huge, slow focusing, 1:1 macro, which is also suitable for portrains. Relatively inexpensive.P1045866.jpgP1045893.jpgP1045929.jpgP1046081.jpgP1010862.jpgP1010566.jpgP1010523.jpgP1010113.jpgP1045600.jpg
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Nice! I dont really know which lens i want the most, but this one is up the list! How slow is the focus? Could it follow a running dog?
Nice! I dont really know which lens i want the most, but this one is up the list! How slow is the focus? Could it follow a running dog?
I just have a (very) lazy cat, so I do not know... Macro lenses have typically not-so-fast focus, especially in short distances. I haven't test this with S5II yet, but with S5 I never used AFC with this lens. AFS is useable and the lens has focus limiter, which helps in case of hunting/full scan (quite common with S5+105).

Maybe 70-300 is better for running dogs and close-ups. However, it will be almost two stops slower than this one.
It is a stunning lens and crazy sharp even wide open at f2.8 when used as a telephoto or portrait lens. That's what I've been mainly using mine for. Really highly recommended.
I have not had any issues with it focusing, it focuses quite fast and also has a focus limiter switch as well (I never ever use AFC for anything that I shoot).
Frankly speeking, the slower focus speed is visible only in short focus ranges and the limiter helps a lot. This kind of behaviour is typical for macro lens and not an issue as such. However, AFC was unusable with S5 due to contrast based focusing, I'll check how it works now with S5II.
Ok, I now checked the lens with S5II. The focus pulsing is clearly visible with AFS and focusing is relatively slow (something like 0.5 sec compared to "instant" with Panasonic lenses). The full scan (the camera focus to close and then to correct distance) is carried out quite often (takes 1.5-2 secs), if you shoot in dim and try to focus to something with lower contrast. The focus is still reliable and useable, but not fast. You can even heard, when tons of glasses are moved inside the lens.


AFC is now totally different story. While it was totally unuseable in S5, it is now far better than AFS. Very fast, no pulsing, no hunting... Even in difficult situations, where AFS starts its long way to find the focus, the correct focus is now just there. I was hoping that upgrading to S5II could improve focusing with Sigmas (or at least with this lens), but the improvement is far better than I ever imagined.