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S5II VLog Dynamic Range and Underexposure Test Comparison


New Member
This test from this video really shows that the S5II excels well with dynamic range and noise levels. There's a lot of conflicting information with this camera. It's as if some do not want Panasonic to excel even though Panasonic now has PDAF. I want ALL cameras to excel to create competition; else, we will never get improvements. This test was certainly done on an even playing ground, even the same lens was used on both the S5II and R6II. I see some trying hard to say the S5II Vlog does not perform as well with noise compare to some of the competition. Then I will see other tests from users that show just the opposite. Having said that, and as an owner of the original S5, from all the low light video samples out there, the S5II using VLog performs extremely well in low light. I'd say it's as good or better (shown in YouTube examples) than the A7S3 at ISO 6400 or lower. I respect having the ability to shoot at ISO12800 (On the S5II it's not all that bad) or higher, but these high ISOs are only used only when we absolutely have to and suffer from image processing to minimize noise.