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New Member
Hey everyone.
My name is Louis Waller Jr and this is my debut here at L-MOUNT-FORUM. Just a lil bit about me, I currently live in Modesto CA, and I absolutely love photography, but I don't call myself a photographer because for one, it is simply a hobby that I am very passionate about and two, I don't get paid to photograph. The genre's I tend to gravitate towards are landscape, my wife and I love to travel, macro and creative light painting. My 1st camera was the LUMIX FZ80 which got the job done as a beginner camera, I've only been into photography for about 2 years now, then moved onto a PENTAX K70 which I still use just for macro, and I upgraded about a month ago to the LUMIX S1R which so far, I am thoroughly enjoying. Well, I think that about wraps it up, so I look forward to learning a lot from all of you veteran photographers.

Welcome Louis,
Don’t worry I’m still a hobbyist after my first slr 30yrs ago….Welcome to LMF33