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Lumix S5ii, do not switch the cards


This is what I noticed. I have a setup where all the jpegs go to nr.1 card and all the raws and videos to the nr.2 card.

When I was out shooting I noticed that I had forgotten nr.2 card home (the one with raws and videos). As I was this time more interested of the raws I took the easy way and took the nr.1 one card out and put it in the empty nr.2 card place. The card had some jpegs from a earlier shoot but I thought that it shouldn't matter.

When I came home there were a lot of new raws in the card but the Adobe DNG Converter was not able to recognize the files. This was not a temporary error as the Converter was still working fine with some older raws taken with the camera.

So don't switch the cards :) .
Can you provide one or 2 of your RAWs from your S5II you can not read? It would be good to know if other applications are also not able to read it. Sounds weird that the camera stores different RAW formats...