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Lumix 100mm 2.4 macro ~1:1 105-image focus stack Mammillaria elongata


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Camera settings were 1/8s at F8, EV -.7 at ISO 100 on a Lumix S5II using a Lumix 100 f2.8 macro lens. Lighting was late afternoon shade; color profile was Adobe Landscape, which provides a slightly warm tone. This is a 105 image focus stack. I used Helicon Focus to process the stack with subsequent post processing of the resulting raw file in Photoshop. Attached file is reduced to fit upload limits.


  • PII_4811_2024-04-15_105fb.jpg
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Excellent Daumenhoch , a cactus looking like coral when flipped 90°. I haven't tried the focus stacking function yet and I'm already a big fan of that Lumix 100mm 'not' being used for macro, i.e for portraits and 3d pop.