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Is the a software to merge or blend many pictures?

Dear L-Mounters,
I am looking for a software to blend many images. I want to achieve the look of a very long exposure time so the idea is to take many (e.g. 200) 30sec exposed images and blend them together. I imagine a software which counts all the pix in a folder, devides the RGB values by nr and adds all the images. Does something like this exists?
You can do this in Photoshop.

I suspect you could do it in GIMP as well, but may need to research the steps.

If you want to control the math, for instance, dividing the magnitude of each pixel by the number of pictures and then adding them all together, you can probably do it with imagemagc, but be prepared for a lot of command line work.

I don't have many posts, so can't include links. That is why my link lacks the usual http start.
I tried with imagemagick and i works like a charm: install imagemagick, navigate to a folder with only the pix to process in terminal (or i guess comandlinetool in other OS' and run: "convert *.JPG -evaluate-sequence mean average.jpg"