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Hiking video (German Alps) shot on S5II


I like to document my hikes (mostly just for family and friends who join), a couple of them are visible in YT.
This year the S5II is the main weapon, here is the hike of last weekend to one of the most remote lakes in Germany.

Mixing 8-bit EM5.3 footage with nice 10-bit vlog footage is a bit of a pain, the IQ difference is striking.
Just hoping for the G9II to arrive soon to upgrade the telephoto clips to 10 bit VLOG with PDAF (EM5.3 has pdaf, even if a bit rudimentary).
I hope you like it!
Nice! I was just going through my photos and videos of - get this - the German Alps lol. We must have been in the same rough area around the same time. Actually did Istanbul -> Interlaken -> Garmisch-Partenchirken getting back just yesterday. Also coincidentally, I have the S5ii and an EM5.2 (though I didn't bring it). My trip was a lot less adventurous than yours since we were toting a 2 year old so no real hiking for us. Hope to get my photos up soon.
Excellent images!! What lens/lenses did you use with the S5II?
Excellent images!! What lens/lenses did you use with the S5II?
I took just the 20-60. I pair it with the MFT 50-200 and it makes a very powerful but still compact set that can take almost anything.
I also intended to take the 18 for some wider shots at the lakes, but I was dumb and packed the 50 instead.
I am waiting to see if the new expected 26-70 is anything I may take + the 18, or if the 28-200 is good enough to take only that + 18.