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Hello from the Netherlands


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Hello, my name is Peter and live in .... The Netherlands, province of Overijssel, near the city of Zwolle.

Recently I traded in my Fujifilm X-T4 with a lot of lenses to a Panasonic Lumix DC-S5i, with 20-60, S 35/1.8 and S 85/1.8 and the S 70-300 on backorder. I mainly do photography during holidays, (family) outings, walks in the nature surrounding our village etc. I am also considering to join the local photoclub.

I've been doing this photography hobby for more then 30 years now. First with Pentax slr (no AF), later on Nikon (AF), Olympus E-10 dslr, Nikon D70, Nikon D7000. Then because of an accident (broken fingers) had to go a lot lighter, so went to Panasonic Lumix G6, later G80 and GX80. Got bored from the 16mp and the inherent problems of the m43 sensor, and moved to FujiFilm.. I loved the colors, but after switchin from X-S10 to X-T4 (needed WR) and having a bunch of their premium primes it was getting quite heavy. I came to the conclusion that for less total weight I could go fullframe. My fingers are perfectly fine again, no constraint there anymore.

Panasonic came on quite early on top of the list. Nice though body, but with low weight "consumer" but sturdy WR lenses. My short list was one of the 24mp Nikons, 33mp Sony A7iv.
Nikon with lenses that I liked was quite expensive and heavy. Sony + 20-70/4 was very very expensive....

So the S5ii with a 20-60 seemed like a very good deal especially with the wintercashback of 550 euro! Even without the cashback I would have chosen Panasonic. But now a bit earlier then intended.

Ok... quite a long story already, hope that my English is understandable.
Welcome Peter!

The S5II is a great camera and the 20-60mm a wonderful light weight but excellent lens. I also have the 70-300mm and highly recommend it.