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Hello from Ireland


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Let me introduce myself, as is the custom.

I am an older photographer, based for some time in Limerick, Ireland, who is also a university lecturer, researcher, artist, writer, organiser... etc.

I've only had a Lumix S5 for two weeks but already have written nine articles on my blog, which is some sort of a record for me! I've even set up a landing page for this series, so it's easy to find all my verbiage in one place.

There's so much to try out, test, and configure. I do this with every new piece of technology. But then once I have all the fidlesome bits in order, I just get on with it. Then you won't hear from me in years.

The reason I've been writing so much on this topic is the dearth of good information on the internet about this system. Almost nothing really, unless you want to watch endless videos made by people with a commercial interest in your time. That's not really my scene. I am old-fashioned that way. I prefer to read for five minutes than watch for thirty.

What can I tell you about my photography? I am usually too shy to take photos of people. I like animals, landscape, cityscape, and details. I take quite a few concert photos for local artists. That is really what led me to get a full-frame camera, since my poor old Olympus MFT was not cutting it.

My favourite lens of all time is the Pentax FA 43mm Limited. And it works so well on the Lumix! Heavenly.
Welcome Robin. I've already read your article about the Panasonic UI. I'll go take a look at the other eight!
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Thanks, Paul. Not all of the articles are as opinionated! Since I am a teacher, I tend towards explanations for those new to photography, or at least those with only an inkling. I take a critical approach and am always open to learning. I have found this to be an unpopular mode on the internet, which I have seen grow from a wonderful place for sharing to something more resembling a free-for-all ego contest. I tend to show up somewhere, contribute a lot (as a side-effect of my own learning), piss off a minority of people off, then leave.

For example, I just posted again on Pentax Forums... after an absence of a decade!
Thanks Robin. I like your approach. I try to be a good rational, critical thinker too - but like everyone I lapse sometimes. For sure, I feel I always have something to learn. The older I get, the less completely sure I am about anything!
The older I get the more confusing those graphs look :) .... interesting reads, some very nice images in your blog, a lot of effort and I thank you for it, not p'eed off yet!
Welcome, Robin.
Read your articles: nothing really new for me in terms of content, but your way to write makes everything easy to understand.
And I fully agree with you: few minutes of reading it's much more pleasing than follow the blabbering of a talking head for half an hour!
I've only had a Lumix S5 for two weeks but already have written nine articles on my blog
Robin. thanks for the critical piece on Lumix Ergonomics and Menu in your blog. I'm rather jaded about this and more or less accept this status quo, so I appreciated your opinion. Among current cameras I actually consider Lumix to have the best ergonomics, which of course is not saying much.

Thanks for the helpful hint about "CreativeVideo Combined Set", setting them all to video so photo and video settings are independent. This is something i'd missed going through Lumix user guides, and it solves a problem I've had quickly switching back and forth between these modes.
Hi Charles, I think that it would take some sort of a revolution for these Japanese companies to change their menu approach! I teach a module on a design course at university, so I think next year I will get the students to tackle the problem. Would be a fantastic assignment. Now that screens are touch-sensitive there are more affordances available. And we have not one but two joysticks for navigation, as an alternative to touch.

Besides this, the buried settings like Combined Sets... why does this even exist? I don't see the benefit for the extra complexity, especially as the defaults are wrong!
I teach a module on a design course at university, so I think next year I will get the students to tackle the problem. Would be a fantastic assignment.
Given these times I expect the students will come up with an AI solution. Actually that is something Panasonic could be interested in.