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Hello/Bonjour from France


New Member
Hello everybody,

I'm Arkan, from France, and I "recently" got a Lumix S5ii in order to start my journey in the Full Frame World.
I'm a former user of a hybrid APS-C camera Samsung NX500 which I deeply love, but after 6 years it got some malfunctions and as Samsung retired from the market, I cannot fix it. So I took the opportunity to step up to Full-Frame and jump to the Panasonic / L-Mount ship with the Lumix S5ii, which I think is a very well balanced camera between photography and videography. I also think we can learn a lot with that camera, and I'm excited to see what I'll be able to do with it. I currently have the 20-60mm kit lens and the 50mm 1.8 lense.

I've already used the camera and learnt a bit of its functions during a trip in Vietnam, but I still need some practices in order to get more efficient with it.

Like many of you, I used to browse on the DPReview forum (mainly Samsung), so it's nice to see a new place to be in after their closure announcement. Many thanks to the administrators for setting up that new place.

I'm looking forward to read and contribute to the forum when I'll get some quality content to share :)
Bonjour Arkan. C'est super que vous avez nous trouver!

Congrats on the S5ii. I have the older S5 but I'm very happy with it. I also have the 20-60 and 50/1.8, both of which I think are great lenses. It was the S5 + 20-60 that sold me on the system. For a kit lens, the 20-60 is really superb. I have no complaints with its optical performance.

Please do share some images once you've mastered the S5ii!
Merci pdk42 for your welcoming!

Indeed, the 20-60mm is a pretty versatile lense, I used it a lot to make videoclips and the extra fov for pictures is really nice. To be honest, I bought a S5 on sale with those two lenses just before the annoucement of the S5ii, but with a kind of trade off offer, I was able to upgrade and enjoy the new PDAF and the impressive IBIS :)