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arrived via Leica forum
came to L mount from m43, Olympus cameras with mix of Oly/Pan lenses
fancied a change and switched to CL and TL2 with mainly Leica lenses but couple of Pan/Sigma
tried to cut down to 'just the 1', a Q2 but kept the CL, Sig 30 and Pan 70-300 for hiking
a dip in the Wye saw the fortunately insured CL replaced by an S5 with S50 and another 70-300
the Q2 is fabulous and realistically could be my only camera were it not for rekindled GAS
Picked up an SL2 to mark my 60th year, replaced by SL2S after a year as I don't really need 47mp
Whilst it's handy in the Q2 for cropping I change lens or zoom with the SL
The EVF and Ergonomics for me totally stamp on the S5 and I really enjoy using it, the whole point of this activity for me really
Lots of different glass including some old m mount, very much easier to use on SL2 compared to CL even
I have chopped and changed my 3 prime, 3 zoom set up a lot with only the S70-300 a constant
I like to take 1 or 2 primes, prime and zoom or even 2 zooms out on my photo walks
Current set up 16-28 Sig, 24-70 SL, S70-300 zooms and 35 SL, S50, S85 primes
Lenses I've moved on which were in some cases spectacularly good but just not quite right for me include
Art 35, APO 50 SL, Art 85 thought I'd found the 'grail', too heavy and 'osentatious'
Sig contemporary 24, 35, 45, 65, 90 cracking set but ultimately I went off the 'look' (how shallow of me) and worried about weather sealing
honourable mentions to S20-60 and S24-105 which I had in the CL era and would maybe try again on the SL2S
Much as I like to think I've settled I know I haven't
the Pan 14-28 could displace the Sig 16-28 again 'look' and weather sealing
my heaviest lens the 24-70SL which followed the Sig 28-70 then Art 24-70 into the general zoom slot is just too good to let go for now, but I thought that about the APO
Bit long winded but it's a seriously wet bank holiday here
If I had to take just 1 lens it would of course be the Q2 but this is L mount, so the 35SL
Welcome - and thanks for the gear breakdown and history. I tend to do a bit of chopping and changing (sometimes you just have to try something for a little while to really know). I did a comparison between the Sigma 16-28 and the Panasonic 14-28 which I’ve posted on the forum that you might find useful.
Thanks Paul
I had look and sense I'll switch as I don't really need f2.8
Thanks Paul
I had look and sense I'll switch as I don't really need f2.8
I think if you don’t need the f2.8, then there is nothing to be lost by doing so and a few things to gain. My only caution would be that the feel of the 14-28 isn’t great. Plastic everything and with the usual Panasonic rubberised grips on the zoom and focus rings which are dust magnets.