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clicks on a new camera


Active Member
Last night I saw something odd in the filenumbering... have been using my DC-S5ii for like 120 shots, but the camera store has sold this camera to me as a new one,and claiming that this particular one has had extra testing in the factory....Z04 975

How plausible is this explanation? They offer to switch it for a new one.
It's certainly possible. My S5 out of the box had 50 shots on the shutter count.
Yes, I read that even 200 is normal, but 900... shots? I now see that my original question did not has this number there... sorry for that
Oh, yes I think 900 shots sounds like too much!
They consulted their Panasonic representative and will replace my body with a new one, but I can keep my €400 cashback which is already awarded but not yet payed out.