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Cables & batteries for video


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I'll typically use my S5iiX to shoot handheld or tripod-mounted video using a relatively barebones minimal configuration: Lens, variable ND filter, 1 or 2 internal batteries, 4K h265 recording to 2 internal SD cards, and the built-in stereo mics covered with the little flurry windscreen.

But sometimes I'll need to connect to external microphones or audio mixers, or require several hours of reliable power, or require 6K or 4K ProRes recording to external SSD drives, or connect to an external monitor ... or a combination of some or all of these. There's no end to video production camera configurations, and even some moderate and big-budget productions use relatively inexpensive cameras such as the S5iiX, but not necessarily as the primary/main camera.

The attached photos show ways I can configure my S5iiX to use an external, camera-mounted NFP-type battery (each can power the camera for >2 hours), safely connect to relatively heavy XLR-type audio cables, and record to an external CFast2-type media card.

The BLUE cable is part of a "Kondor Blue" dummy battery system. It replaces the cam's internal battery, and regulates external 12-17 VDC power sources to the correct voltage required by the cam's internal battery bay. The other end of the BLUE cable connects to a SmallRig NPF battery plate & NPF batteries I previously used for years with a Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera.

The BLUE cable can alternatively be connected to my trusty, >40 year old Anton-Bauer "Titan-70" AC adapter/charger, and/or AB battery, via a long D-tap cable. The regulator in the Kondor Blue dummy battery converts the 14.5VDC output of the AB devices to the voltage required by the S5iiX. A nice feature of the Titan-70 paired with a piggy-back battery is that it acts as an uninterruptible power supply. If the AC source is disconnected or otherwise goes dead, the Titan-70 instantly switches to the battery. For example, the S5iiX in the middle of a recording doesn't skip a beat as the Titan-70 switches between AC & battery, and back again when AC power is restored. Sweet!

The RED cable is a USB-C cable with right-angle connectors at both ends. The plug connected to the camera can be flipped to allow access to the cam's HDMI, headphone & mic ports.

The heavy, black XLR audio cables connected to the DMW-XLR1 audio adapter are secured to a Velcro-covered metal plate firmly mounted in the SmallRig cage's upper-right cold shoe.

Not every video recording will require all of these items. (Some recordings will require more, such as a wireless mic receiver, shotgun mic, on-board external monitor, etc.) The S5iiX can be configured different ways as needed. Or, as mentioned above, it can be used as a stripped-down, barebones set-up. A very versatile camera system!


  • IMG_5779 S5iiX CFast2 audio NPF [top].jpg
    IMG_5779 S5iiX CFast2 audio NPF [top].jpg
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  • IMG_5774 S5iiX CFast2 audio NPF [waveform back].jpg
    IMG_5774 S5iiX CFast2 audio NPF [waveform back].jpg
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  • IMG_5790 Anton-Bauer Titan 70 + Hytron 50 [front].jpg
    IMG_5790 Anton-Bauer Titan 70 + Hytron 50 [front].jpg
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That’s quite a setup. I sometimes use a rode video micro or wireless go. But that’s about the extent of my “rigging out” adventures.
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