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Amazing deal on S5 ii X and 14-28 - £1899 !


New Member
Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but it’s an amazing deal - tempted to buy it just for the 14-28 and sell the body !

are doing an amazing deal on the S5ii X with the 14-28mm

Normal price is £2699 and they have it down to £2499 - Panasonic are then offering £300 cash back which takes it down to £2199.

However, Wex have a code to save another £300 !! So the cost comes down to £1899 !!!

Offer until the 16.11 - that’s an amazing deal !

Code is PAN-300.
These offers from Panasonic (and Wex obviously) are great if you're buying, pretty bad if you're selling though. They always seem to heavily discount the bodies quite early in the life cycle compared to other brands. I sold a Canon R7 after having used it for around 12 months and the loss was really small (£150) as they had actually risen in price from launch. I'm glad I don't want to sell my Pan S52 - launched 10 months ago, I envisage if I did there would be a substantial loss.