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A few from Provence


New Member
Lucky enough to spend 10 days travelling around Provence at the beginning of the month - memories of sitting in a bar in Avignon watching the world go by - 6 O'clock in the evening and the temperature was 28 degrees ! Sitting here in England now it already seems a lifetime ago !

Anyway, some travel snaps all taken with my S5 and so reliable 20-60.

The Calanques - amazing coastal inlets just east of Marseille.


The gorgeous fishing town of Cassis

View attachment 53271988708_87c457885c_o.jpg

Part of the harbour at Sanary sur Mer

View attachment 53272060994_23e6239549_o.jpg

Amazing Roman Theatre at Arles

View attachment 53271957333_4c9139f0c9_o.jpg

From the famous Post in Avignon looking towards the Palais des Papes

View attachment 53270813492_a1d1e20ec8_o.jpg

Thanks :)