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Sigma 17mm v Panasonic 14-28 ?


New Member
Trying to talk myself out of getting a wide angle for my S5….

I love the 20-60 kit lens and I don’t want that to become redundant but I’d like to add something a bit wider.

The 14-28 looks perfect as it’s pretty light for what it is but the Sigma 17mm is even lighter - anyone able to offer any advice ?

thanks !
I've contemplated something similar, but for me, I'm unlikely to pull out an UW prime unless I'm quite confident that it is the correct focal length. I much prefer a zoom as it lets me experiment with various compositions. Therefore the extra 120 grams for the 14-28 is an easy justification for me. Plus, you get 0.5x macro vs 0.25.
I have the Sigma 17mm F4: I wanted a compact ultra-wide lens to use on my Sigma fp L. It's a great lens: small and light (same size as the 24mm f3.5) and I haven't spotted any significant flaws in the images it produces.

A couple of examples from St Mary's Church at Fountains Abbey: