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Challenge Photo/video challenge July & August: "Fresh"

  1. Voting in this competition will be closed at Aug 31, 2024 at 23:59


Theme: "Fresh". (Interpretation of suitability of images/videos to themes is entirely at the photographer's discretion)
Duration: 01.07.2024 - 31.8.2024 (2 months)
Participants: All LMF members with at least 20 postings and all Patrons of LMF

How does it work?
  1. We try to make the challenges as anonymous as possible to get the best experience for all participants.
  2. From the 1st to the last day of the current month you'll be able to shoot and submit your best photo(s).
  3. You submit photos by sending them via email to us. We do upload them with an anonymous account for you.
  4. The option to vote and to send images to us is during the same time and an ongoing process.
  5. You vote with numbers from 1 to 10. Higher = better. You can vote for as many photos as you'd like, and you can also change your votes as well.
  6. You can not vote for your own photos, only other's photos.
  7. You do not need to upload images to be able to vote.
  8. Only if you have done already 20 postings in the forum or you are Patron of LMF, you are able to vote and accepted for sending us images

Submission Rules
  1. Maximum one photo submission per member per contest.
  2. Photos have to be taken within the time period of the contest, starting with the announcement of the contest.
  3. We upload always 1 image per posting only, otherwise it does not work technically with the voting.
  4. Starting date and theme see above.
  5. We start with only one contest in the same month and see then how it goes.
  6. We want to avoid any kind of emotional influence. This is why we make such an effort to have everything anonymous during the contest.
  7. Please send your image(s) with your username to: "monthlyphotocontest at l-mount-forum dot com". A moderator will upload your images under a dummy name "image uploader" to make it as objective as possible. After the voting is over, the user names of all the photo owners will be published, but not the usernames of the voters and their scores.
  8. If you win this contest you have to run the next month's challenge.
  9. In order to compete and/or vote in this contest you either must have made at least 20 meaningful postings in the forum or be a Patron of LMF (to avoid cheating through double registrations etc.)
  10. Photos have to be made with an L-Mount camera. The lens does not matter. Please keep the metadata in the images.
  11. Photo editing is allowed when it's done to clean up or enhance the photo. Also HDR or high resolutions shots are allowed. But no digital art. No nudity etc.
  12. Maximum file size allowed: 500KB. Maximum pixel size allowed: 1600 Pixel on the longest side (otherwise the software algorithm would kick in and decrease the image quality while making it smaller)
  13. All metadata have to be in the image to make sure that it was shot with an L-Mount body.
  14. Forum staff may enter this contest too.
  15. If 2 images have the same voting count, the one with the earlier (email) time stamp wins.
  16. The software will automatically mark the winning photo and a moderator will then disclose in the same thread the user names with their image/posting number in that thread.

Why can't I submit a picture to the contest?
In order to participate in this contest you either need at least 20 forum posts or you need to be a supporting member. I've included the Patrons as a means of offering users one more reason to upgrade (and thus support the forum).

Why can't I vote?
In order to vote you either need at least 20 forum posts or you need to be a supporting member. This is done to cut down on forum users who might attempt to create dummy accounts just to vote for their own photo. I've included the Patrons as a means of offering users one more reason to upgrade (and thus support the forum).

What do I get if I win?
The winner will receive the following:

  • You get a little banner under your avatar. "LMF monthly winner" or something similar. Maybe in the future we will have prices.
  • In December, we award the "LMF Photographer of the Year" prize to the poster with the most wins. The prize will be a special banner "LMF Photographer of the year 2024" that you will keep for the year 2025!

If I win, then what happens?
A moderator will reach out to you via a PM and send you all details

We reserve the right to remove any photo submission as we see fit.
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