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Hi there

Thomas Mottl

New Member
My Name is Thomas Mottl, I live in the south of Germany.
In June I did the jump from my 10 year old 5DMKII to a S1R and never regret it.
Never had such a camera in my hands which just fells like Mrs.Right :)
I did this because I started my digital adventure in 2003 with a Sigma SD9, so I am vulnerable for exotic photographic gear :).
Seriously I did this because I can use all my EF Lenses and all my SA lenses with the two Sigma MC 21 adapters and there is the expectartion of the Sigma Foveon Fullframe thingie.
I am a bit crazy in Panoramas, like Macros (can't wait for a native macro lens) and when there is a opportunity I will even spend some "slides" on landscapes.