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Hallo from Hamburg

Hallo community!
I arrived here from DPreview but was not active in the forums there. I live near Hamburg, germany and work as videotechnician and videoartist for theaters. The need of an own camera for paid work (mainly documentary) every year or so lets me justify to have a nice cam to shoot my family and experiments of other fields.
My first was a GH3 in 2013, than a sony a7iii in 2019 which i sold when i realized that it would not be my last, cause of 8bit video and 30min rec limit. Now i bought a s5ii and might trade that for s5iix when it comes.
I like the mood and friendliness here so far, and have a dream of meeting in real life to exange lenses for a weekend or so.
Welcome Johnny, I visited Germany (Berlin) back in 2018. I drank many beers and visited many historic sites. Good times.