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Greeting From So Cal, USA


New Member
Hi All,

I recently starting doing photography again. I just purchased S52x because of it's hybrid capabilities and the recommendation of a good friend.
Thank you for having me, I'm excited to be part of this community.
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Welcome dc_. I'm also SoCal. You will love the S5IIx.
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I'm was born in Long Beach before Disneyland was built, and lived in Lake Arrowhead till 20 year ago when I moved to Oregon, but still have a house in Lake Arrowhead. I worked for a lot of media outlets back in the film days.
So, Welcome to the L mount crew!!
Roger J.
Welcome Rojer J. That beats me, I came to SoCal after Disneyland opened but I'm still here. I do get to beautiful Oregon now and then.:) The great SoCal news is that the writrers strike just ended - that really slowed things down around here. If the SAG strike ends all will be well.
Greetings So Cal
I'm on my way back home, back to Mammoth Lakes for a visit. Would love to move back, but the house is sold so i'm here in Oregon for a while more. Enjoy the sun it's starting our rainy season here in Oregon.

Roger J.