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Fun with MicroFourThirds


Founder of the LMF
Panasonic made it clear at the press event of Photokina, that the new L-Mount alliance is not meant to replace the MFT system. Panasonic will continue to develop and sell MFT bodies and lenses.

I just wanted to make this clear before starting with an MFT thread here, so that there is no confusion about it.

I just happen to own and use different systems and a Lumix GM5 and Lumix GX80/85 are among them. Daumenhoch Smilie

Actually I sold my Lumix GM5 (although I lived it) to finance the Lumix GX80/85

So feel free to upload and share images made with either Olympus or Panasonic Lumix cameras of the MFT system.

Photos made a couple of days ago in Spain. Valencia, Altea, and some other small villages. Lumix GX80 with either the PanaLeica 15/1.7 or Lumix 35-100/2.8. All jpegs ooc.

Click on images to see the larger version.







I do think for the upload process I need to make the images beforehand in Lightroom sharper. But I do not have the time at the moment for this and no lightroom here on this PC...