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Best L Mount travel lens?


I will be going to New York in February, and now I'm wondering what would be the best lens to take with me?
I currently only have the 18mm F1.8 and the 50mm F1.8.
I tend to stay on the wider side 18-24mm. One time I went on vacation with only the Sigma 24mm F3.5 and I was fine with it.
I'm debating on either the 20-60mm or I wonder if I should buy the 24mm F1.8 or maybe the Sigma 28-70mm [mostly because of the range and F2.8].
I'm thinking the 20-60mm should be enough.
I think that the 20-60mm would be the lens that provides the most versatility. It's small and light weight so good for walking around.

If you'd prefer to shoot a bit wider then the S-Pro 16-35mm might be worth a look too, although it's a bit bigger/heavier and more costly.
I also was thinking of the 14-28mm. I had all these and sold them. :( lol.
I should have kept them, but I like that the 20-60mm is semi cheap and like you said provides the most versatility.
I don’t like wide angle (ie, I don’t know how to take good pictures with it ). So my choice would be the 24-105 or if I wanted lighter the Sigma 28-70
Personally I’m waiting for the Lumix 28-200 which is on the roadmap. If I where to go to New York in winter now I would bring my S5ii + 20-60 and gloves I could use it with. Maybe I would snug in my new to me tiny Sigma 45 as well.

On most systems I used a good quality 24-120mm eqv lens like pana-Leica 12-60, Fuji 16-80, or even just a few small primes.

In FF terms my go to prime is a 28mm or 35mm. Since I’ve also got a Ricoh GR3 I use that one on short trips. 28mm with full resolution 24megapixel, or 35mm with 15.5megapixel crop mode.
However NYC is cold in February and a Ricoh GR3 is not glove friendly. However it gets quite hot after using, so you only need one glove for just the left hand and lots of spare batteries
Thank you for the responses! :)
I think I'll choose the 20-50mm. The 45mm F2.8 is so good. Is it weather sealed?
The 45 only has a small rear gasket, around the mount. I think you will be fine for some raindrops but not in a downpour.
20-60 is fully weather sealed and certified for -10 celsius?

However… normally I give up photography way before most (or any?) weather sealing becomes relevant
The 20-60mm is an excellent choice for travel as long as you don't need more speed - great range going into super-wide, good build quality, weather sealing and excellent image quality. Plus, used copies are easy to find at very good prices. If you had to travel light, with just one compact lens, it's the one to go for. Personally, I'd add a fast 50mm too for low light and shallow DoF.
After choosing the 20-60mm I would instead suggest the Lumix 85mm as a second lens. Gets you a new AOV and excellent rendering. Plus even shallower DOF, if you like.
Thank you for the replies! :) I currently have the 18mm F1.8 and the 50mm F1.8 and I feel like a zoom would be the best option.
I'm currently looking for a 20-60mm, but I'm also tempted by the14-28mm. haha
I took the 24-105 around Japan
If 2 lenses 20-60 and 85
I have the 24-105 F4, the 20-60, the 35 , the 50 and the 85.
On my last "real" vacation I used mostly the 20-60 & the 50, both because I didn't had the 35 and the 85 yet. The 24-105 was not used a lot because of the weight
I wonder what I will do on the next vacation: the 20-60 or mostly the primes. I love the rendering of the 20-60, but I love it even more of the primes.

I shoot almost 100% video, some examples (subtitles available):
Malgrat & St Susanne Spain (Lumix S5iiX all-I, used with the lenses stated above)
Golden City Girona, Spain (Lumix S5iiX all-I, used with the lenses stated above)
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, (Lumix S5, Only used the 20-60)
......used with the lenses stated above

Well, I saw some footage taken from "above" to beach, and cities.
You need a drone and light weight camera for taken these.
(And permission / licence to film above buildings).
Well, I saw some footage taken from "above" to beach, and cities.
You need a drone and light weight camera for taken these.
(And permission / licence to film above buildings).
Ok, I forgot about these.

I also film with a DJI Mini2 drone. Because these are <250 gram you are allowed in Europe to fly with these above buildings & people (with a 'operator' license, which I have).
But all the drone footage in Girona & partly in Malgrat are stock footage, because the rules are there stricter due to an airport in de nearby area.
But when possible I shoot it all myself, like the drone footage in Cesky Krumlov, and the hotel shots in Malgrat.

grts from Hoorn
People are suggesting 85mm as a second lens. How about 20-60 plus the new 100mm? And maybe 50mm as a third lens. All of them are small and easy to carry. I personally went from 70-300 to 100mm (just preordered). 70-300 is too big and heavy for my use.

Just wondering is there a reason why 85mm would be better than 100mm (besides the price)?
The 20-60 is hard to beat as a great lightweight lens with a really useful range. I don't have the 85mm, but I would think that would be a great adjunct to it. The 24-105 would also be a good choice, but obviously quite a bit larger and lacking at the wide end.

But if it were me, I'd take my "go-to" Billingham bag which packs the 14-28, 24-105, and the Sigma 35/2 plus one body. That covers me for almost anything and it's not that large or bulky.